12/16/2011: Corker Johnston- Blog Talk Radio | NEAR PARANORMAL

- I've been interested in the paranormal since I was a child. As a child, we lived in a very old house that was quite haunted. I had only seen a ghost one time in the home, yet I had the presences come into my room at night and could be heard from the attic above my bedroom...


03/03/2012: Corker Johnston – Blog Talk Radio | USA Paranormal Radio | Night Visions

-Owner of R.C.P.S. Rush City Paranormal Society, owner of INSIGHTS RADIO Show out of Rhode Island & Author of Paranormal Non-fiction books... 


07/25/2013: Corker Johnston - Podomatic | Stirring the Cauldron

- Corker Johnston and his family went out on what was supposed to be a routine paranormal investigation. Not long after they arrived at the house, they found out this was anything but routine, and shortly thereafter, met up with something that, he says, was pure evil.


08/07/2013: Corker Johnston - Blog Talk Radio | Walk in the Darkness

- Corker Johnston & R.C.P.S. uncover an alarming, hidden history of tragedy and ... If you liked this show, you can follow Walk in the Darkness...


09/12/2013: Corker Johnston - Beyond the Edge of Reality

on YouTube - Beyond the Edge of Reality guest stars this week are Corker Johnson and Karen Ely. Corker Johnson is the author of the paranormal non-fiction book Acheri Demon Haunting. 


09/18/2013: Corker Johnston - Blog Talk Radio | Stack House Radio | ON AIR SCARE

- Very Special Guest Wednesday Sept 18...Corker Johnston from Rush City Paranormal Society and author of 'Acheri Demon Haunting: The True Story of Paranormal Case 263' ...Don't miss it!!!


09/28/2013: Corker Johnston - Planet Paranormal | The Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show

on YouTube - A G&D Double Header to start of the Halloween season! The Ghostman Shaun B and Nathan S AKA the Demon Hunter are joined by Corker Johnston, author of Acheri Demon Haunting. Then to get into that spooky spirit they are joined by Amy Hollaman of Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary! Terror Behind the Walls is one of America’s largest haunted houses in the USA’s oldest prison...


10/07/2013: Corker Johnston - Grand Dark Conspiracy

- Your Host Daniel Bautz has a conversation with guest, Corker Johnston, author of "Acheri Demon Haunting". With The Paranormal News with Brian Parsons...