The paranormal case that answered the question, "Are Aliens & Demons one and the same?" 


After responding to a client in need, a paranormal research group finds itself caught completely off guard during a routine investigation. A demonic attack upon a group member, MUFON reports of UFOs and humanoids, generations of unexplained child deaths, an 80 year old unsolved mass slaughter, and an actual picture captured by the group of the creature. Corker and his family search for answers while trying to protect themselves from the evil that appears persistent in trying to destroy them and their efforts in helping the client.


CASE 263


by paranormal researcher & bestselling author, Corker Johnston

ISBN-10: 1494298236

ISBN-13: 978-1494298234

This is one of the best true haunting stories I have read period! It made me want to hear more from the author and I hated to see it end!

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A real EYE-OPENER for paranormal researchers and enthusiasts. Well written with amazing evidence. The photo of the demon was shocking. Corker and his family are truly brave and talented individuals.

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Corker Johnston talks with Scott Tepperman & Paul Bradford of GHI Ghost Hunters International

R.C.P.S. Rush City Paranormal Society

Minnesota's premier medium-based para-agency and the agency behind the book, "Acheri Demon Haunting: The True Story of Paranormal Case 263.

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Corker Johnston with Barry Fitzgerald of GHI Ghost Hunters International